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Lender Incentive Available

Receive a credit of up to 1% of the loan value!
Credited towards closing costs or even an interest rate buy down when you use our preferred lender (see below). 

In-House Sales Agent | Realtor

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

Sales Agent, Realtor | Lic#111538

Preferred Lender

Of course, you're welcome to use any lender you choose. We refer our customers to 1st Security Bank Home Lending because of the excellent service they provide to our homeowners, and their competitive rates.

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Buyer Advantage Program 

Reduced payments during the first two years in your new home!

Purchase one of the properties built by Songbird Homes, secure your loan through 1st Security Bank Home Lending, and save!

Our 2/1 Buydown Program allows you to reduce your initial monthly payment by calculating an interest rate that is 2% lower in the first year and 1% lower in the second year.

How does the program work? Assume you are borrowing $400,000 and the rate is 7% on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Savings would be:

Year 1 - Save $514/month
Year 2 - Save $263/month

The Buyer Advantage program also provides priority processing and fully underwritten credit approvals — ensuring a smooth, timely, and successful closing.

Contact 1st Security Bank Home Lending today to find out more.

*This program is only available on owner-occupied purchases. If the loan is paid off within two years, any amount left in the buydown account will be refunded through a loan principal reduction.

Matt Schiefer
Loan Officer / Manager
NMLS# 120713

1st Security Bank
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Mortgage Calculator

Use this handy tool to estimate the amount of your monthly payment, down payment, and more.

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